La belleza de los cuerpos postparto

Hay varios mitos sobre el postparto y el miedo al después en el cuerpo de las mujeres gestantes. Sin embargo, hay una grosa llamada Sophie Mayanne que es fotógrafa de Londres quien en el 2018 se hizo conocida por compartir en sus redes sociales una muestra para empoderar a las mujeres con cicatrices, y así puedan lucir sin pudor ni culpa.

Así es que este año decidió repetir la experiencia, pero con otro tema: la belleza de los cuerpos postparto. Con la frase “Beautiful, isn’t she?” (¿Es hermosa, verdad?) la artista británica lanzó una campaña en la que celebra la belleza del cuerpo femenino después de dar a luz. Las protagonistas fueron diez mamás que posaron en ropa interior con sus bebés en brazos.

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Bajo el título «Body Proud Moms» (mamás orgullosas de su cuerpo) presentó esta campaña de publicidad al concurso The Women We See (Las mujeres que vemos), que se lleva a cabo todos los años en Reino Unido. Aunque quedó en segundo lugar, generó un gran impacto social. “Hay muchos cuerpos marginados que no vemos representados en los medios y creo que será genial ver un anuncio que pueda hacer que una mujer sonría, se sienta más cómoda”, destacó la fotógrafa.

Mayanne, además de compartir las fotografías en su Instagram, acompañó las imágenes con los testimonios de las protagonistas. Mirá.


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Another beautiful Mum @eleanorjaylo Eleanor, 14 weeks after giving birth: “The inspiration behind being part of this project is to show those around me that stretch marks and weight gain don’t define us, that we should embrace our strength and beauty. I am a young mother with many influential people around me, and together we can see the beauty of motherhood.  I have always loved my body no matter what, and my friends would look up to me for that.  Pre-pregnancy, I had nice curves and my skin was smooth. During pregnancy my body changed dramatically, not just in weight – but also my breasts and skin, in the ways that aren’t considered to be beautiful.  I’ve seen people on social media bounce back significantly and speedily to their pre-pregnancy weight, so of course I feel the pressure to do so too. I have found it difficult to see my body in the same way, but as the days go by, I am a few steps closer. I didn’t expect my body to change as much as it did, but I would most definitely do it all over again.” #BodyProudMums

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Next up is Tesha @mothercareuk We photographed 10 beautiful Mums in total, and the images will be rolling out across the TFL network on Monday. So if you see any, send me a photo! As I don’t actually go on the tube much anymore! (Perks of driving…) Tesha, 26 weeks after giving birth: “I feel ok about my body, but I would be lying if I said I was 100% happy about the way it looks right now but that’s more due to fitness than anything else. During pregnancy I adored my changing body. I loved my bump but did worry about how it would all change once I gave birth. Once I did give birth, I felt like my old body had died, my confidence was on the floor. I had endured my first operation of my life in order for my child to be born so I was scarred, my stomach was lined with angry looking stretch marks and my belly felt and looked like a popped balloon. I was devastated and didn’t think I would feel that way at all. It took several months for me to even let my partner see me naked, I can’t believe I felt so ashamed.  Now, I’m learning that this is the new me now. My stretch marks are going nowhere and nor is my scar, they are reminders that without them I wouldn’t have my son. I can always lose the excess weight, but for now. I’m too busy enjoying my boy.” #BodyProudMums

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Tina, 27 weeks after giving birth: “I am not a fan of my new body. Before birth I was muscular and worked out a lot. Now I don’t have time to work out and everything feels saggier! I didn’t expect to feel suddenly so old and droopy! I know it will come back with time and dedication to exercise again, but right now all I want to do is cover up with baggy clothes.  Every day I feel pressure to bounce back. Society, social media, people’s comments all make you feel that way. All over social media it shows these perfect bodies saying they’ve had children and now bounced back so quickly. I, myself remember being really surprised when Kate Middleton came out of the hospital holding Prince George. She had the baby bump, and I remember being surprised that your belly doesn’t just go down after giving birth. I also thought how stupid I was to have ever thought it would. I guess pre children you just have unrealistic expectations. I also put pressure on myself to try and get my body back, but as I slowly transition into motherhood I am realising that it’s actually not that important, and I just need to be OK in my own skin rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks.” @pac__hoorah #BodyProudMums

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